Paw Care Tips for Your Cat

Your cat’s paws are essential for her—they let her scratch, jump, run, climb, and much more! Keep your cat’s paws healthy throughout her life with these tips from a Plano, TX vet.

Paw Checks

Once a week, set aside some time to sit down with your cat and examine her paws. Look at each paw and take note of any abrasions, wounds, scratches, or anything else that looks unusual. Also check between the toes, where it’s easy for small items to get lodged. Let your veterinarian know if you find anything that warrants medical attention.

Seasonal Hazards

There are a variety of things outdoors that can cause harm all year round. In the summer, blistering asphalt surfaces like parking lots and driveways can burn a pet’s paw pads. Road salt and chemical ice-melt products can prove dangerous in the wintertime. That’s why it’s best not to let your cat venture outdoors!

Scratching Post

Scratching posts are essential for cats. They not only provide your cat with an outlet for her natural scratching instincts, they help to dull the claws!

Need help with your cat’s care routine? We’re here for you. Schedule an appointment with your pet clinic Plano, TX.