Basic Guinea Pig Care

Are you considering adopting a guinea pig? These little rodents make great pets for the right family! Here, your Marietta, GA veterinarian goes over the basics of guinea pig care.


Your guinea pig will need to be fed a commercial pellet food, widely available at pet stores, retail outlets, and certain vets’ offices. The diet should be supplemented every day with fresh fruits and veggies. Guinea pigs enjoy a variety of greens and fruits, including grapes, zucchini, lettuce, carrots, and much more. Ask your vet for further details.


Your guinea pig should have a spacious cage with enough room for playing, relaxing, and feeding. It will need a solid bottom for you to put shaved bedding into. Ask your vet to recommend a perfect size for your potential pet.


Many guinea pigs will be skittish and can be difficult to handle. If possible, start handling your pig as early as you can; do so very gently, and over time your pet will come to learn that you’re safe and mean him no harm.

Do you have more questions about guinea pig healthcare? We are here to help! Contact Give your Pet Clinic Marietta, GA a call to learn more.