Beware of Pet Toxins Already Inside Your Home

No matter how careful you may be, there are a few pet poisons already in your home that you simply can’t be rid of. Fortunately, it’s not hard to protect your pet from danger! Learn more here from an Aurora, CO vet.

Human Food

Plenty of human foods—chocolate, candy, gum, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, chives, salt, certain nuts, caffeine, alcohol, and more—aren’t safe for pets. Never leave harmful foods out where pets may reach them.


Prescription pills, antidepressants, cough syrup, even aspirin—the list of potentially harmful medications goes on and on. Don’t allow your pet access to the medicine cabinet!


Do you use pesticides or rodenticide products in or around your home to ward off intruding critters? Keep in mind that these substances can be poisonous to our animal companions as well!

Cleaning Supplies

Various cleaning supplies, including bleach, household disinfectants, air fresheners, and furniture polish, can prove harmful to pets who manage to ingest them. Never allow your pet access to the supply closet, and move them elsewhere when cleaning with strong chemicals.

Would you like more advice on keeping your home safe from toxins? Talk to your Vet Clinic Aurora, CO professional for help.