Care Tips for Your Senior Dog

Is your dog aging? Our canine companions are considered seniors by the time they’re about eight to 10 years old. Use these tips from a Fort Collins, CO veterinarian to keep your elderly dog in good shape.

Feed an Appropriate Diet

All older dogs should be fed a specially formulated senior diet, made specifically for the nutritional requirements of aging canines. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a particular brand that suits your dog’s needs, and follow the packaging instructions for proper portion control.

Exercise Regularly

Older dogs need their exercise, too! Keep up a regular regimen of walks and playtime so that your dog’s body and mind stay in peak condition. Toys are also very helpful; in addition to providing plenty of fun, they get your dog good exercise.

See Your Veterinarian

Now more than ever, your dog needs regular attention to make sure his or her health stays in top form. Schedule regular appointments to have your dog see their vet; most veterinarians recommend that they visit with your dog at least twice a year.

Does your senior dog need veterinary care? Would you like even more great health tips? Call your Fort Pet Clinic Collins, CO or help.