Considering a Reptile Pet

Are you thinking of adopting a scaled friend as your next animal companion? Reptiles make wonderful pets! Here are a few considerations discussed by your Chattanooga, TN veterinarian.


Remember: reptiles will need a terrarium that is the right size for them and everything they’ll need. Your best bet is to do some research online and have a chat with your veterinarian to determine if your pet will need a small or large terrarium.

Heat and Lighting

Many reptilian pets will need specialized heat and lighting gear since they’re cold-blooded. Remember to do your research when it comes to heating and lighting, and factor the costs of this equipment into your budget.

Dietary Needs

Your reptile companion may need to be fed live food, such as crickets or mice, or perhaps recently-killed prey. If you’re squeamish about this sort of thing, it may be worth looking into another type of pet if you don’t have another family member that will be able to feed your new pet for you. Consult your vet for more information about your reptile’s dietary needs.

Does your pet need veterinary attention? Want to know more about the care of reptiles? Call your vet Chattanooga, TN.