Dog-Walking Etiquette 101

As simple as it sounds, there is a bit more to walking your dog than clipping on the leash and heading outdoors. Use these tips from a Plano, TX veterinarian to walk your canine companion with etiquette.

Use a Leash

Always use a leash when walking your dog, even if they’re well-trained. This is important for your dog’s safety and the comfort of other passerby and pets. With a leash, there’s no chance your dog will be able to dart into traffic or chase that pesky squirrel.

Pick Up After Fido

Always bring along a few plastic baggies to pick up after your dog. Not only is it rude to leave your dog’s droppings in public places or on others’ properties, it’s unsanitary—dog feces can carry and transmit disease and parasites, potentially affecting other pets or children in the area.

Supervise Greetings

Keep this in mind: not everyone is as in love with your pooch as you are! Don’t allow your dog to give everyone you come across a slobbery greeting. Always ask before your dog greets passerby, especially young children.

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