Easy Ways to Exercise Your Cat

It’s easy for our indoor cats to become sedentary and put on weight as a result. Keeping your cat moving regularly is important for staving off dangerous obesity! Use these tips from a Columbia, MD veterinarian to get your cat the exercise she needs.


What better way to get your cat moving than with fun toys? Provide your feline friend with a rotating selection of playthings to keep her amused. Almost all cats love toys that mimic prey animals, such as fake mice or birds.

Cat Tower

You’ve probably seen cat towers in the pet section of your local retail outlet or in pet supply stores—they’re multi-tiered structures, often with built-in toys and scratching posts, that allow cats to jump, climb, and play. They’re great for providing your cat an exercise outlet even when you’re not home!

Laser Light

One of the easiest ways to exercise your cat, assuming they play along, is with a laser light. Many cats love darting around trying to catch that pesky light! Just make sure not to shine it directly in Fluffy’s eyes.

For more information on exercising your cat, call your  animal hospital Columbia, MD professional today. We are here to help!