Fun Ways to Exercise Your Cat

Cats, like just about any pet, need their exercise. As you know, it can be easier said than done to get your cat moving! Try these suggestions from a Jacksonville, FL veterinary professional.

Laser Pointer

Most cats go wild for the laser pointer, and can spend quite a good chunk of time chasing after that pesky red light. Unbeknownst to your cat, they’re working up a good sweat while doing so! Just be careful not to shine the laser directly in your cat’s eyes, as this could cause retinal damage.

Obstacle Course

Try setting up a fun obstacle course made of pillows, ottomans, furniture, blankets, and the like. Entice your cat to play in it using toys or treats; it’s fun for the whole family!


That’s right, you can walk your cat the same way you would walk a dog. You’ll need a specialized cat harness and leash, available at pet supply stores and some vets’ offices. Ask your veterinarian to help get you started with leash-training your feline friend—in no time at all, you’ll be giving your cat great exercise while strolling through the neighborhood!

Contact your vet Jacksonville, FL if your cat needs professional veterinary care.