Helping Your Pet to Lose Weight

Did you know that nearly half of all domesticated cats and dogs are overweight? Don’t let your pet fall into the statistic! Below, your North Phoenix, AZ veterinary professional tells you how to help your pet lose weight.


Talk to your veterinarian about modifying your pet’s diet. Many animals benefit from eating a different food that is more in tune with their particular nutritional needs. Portion control is also quite helpful; consult your vet to find out exactly how much kibble you should be giving your pet.


There’s just no substitute for regular exercise. Take your pet for walks, jog across the backyard, or romp around on the living room floor with a toy. Getting your pet moving on a daily basis will help burn calories and stave off obesity in the long term.

Table Scraps and Treat Tips

Limit table scraps whenever possible, and don’t give your pet treats for no real reason. This is only giving your pet empty calories with no nutritional value. Stick to your pet’s normal food with only the occasional indulgence.

Want more help slimming your animal companion down? Set up an appointment with your veterinary clinic North Phoenix, AZ for a consultation.