How to Keep Your Dog or Cat Safe in the Cold

When the temperatures drop, it’s very important to keep your pet’s safety and health in mind. Our pets aren’t always equipped to brave the elements! Use these tips from an Aurora, CO veterinarian to keep your animal friend safe in the cold.

Indoor Time

The best way to keep your pet happy and healthy in wintertime is to keep them indoors most of the time. This way, you’re avoiding the dangers of frostbite and hypothermia entirely. Only allow pets to stay outdoors for a maximum of 10 minutes or so.

Avoid Seasonal Hazards

We often add antifreeze to our car engines in the wintertime to keep the engines running. It’s a known pet toxin—antifreeze contains ethylene glycol, which is toxic to animals! Also beware of road salt and ice-melt chemicals, which can prove hazardous to pets as well.


When you do have to take your pet outdoors—for bathroom breaks and the occasional exercise session—consider dressing them up to help keep them warm. Try out pet parkas, sweaters, or even booties, available at your local pet supply store.

For more advice on keeping your four-legged friend happy during the winter, contact your Vet Aurora, CO office today.