Keeping Kitty Safe in the Cold

When cold weather approaches, it’s important to keep your cat’s well-being in mind. Our feline friends aren’t very well-equipped to handle severely chilly weather! Use these tips from a Rochester, NY veterinarian to keep Fluffy safe and sound.

Indoor Time

Rule number one for winter weather: keep your cat indoors. Allowing your cat to venture outside for too long only exposes them to risks like hypothermia and frostbite, cars, wild animals, ice, road salt, ice-melt product, and more. Your feline friend will be most happy indoors with you and your family.

Bed Tips

Make sure that your cat’s bed isn’t placed near a door or window that lets a chilly draft in; this can make bedtime very uncomfortable for your pet. Instead, make sure Fluffy’s bed is positioned in a warm area, and include a few soft blankets for added comfort and warmth.

Check Your Hood

Before you get in your car, give your hood a few sharp raps. This will startle any outdoor cats who are seeking shelter in the wheel wells or engine compartment into running off before you start or move your vehicle.

Your Veterinary Clinic Rochester, NY can offer more cold-weather healthcare tips—call the office today!