Keeping Pets Safe in Autumn

When autumn rolls around, there are a few unique pet hazards to be aware of. Keep your dog or cat safe from the following dangers as discussed by your Columbia, MD veterinarian:


We often set up pesticides and rodenticides around our homes in the fall; they ward off insect and rodent intruders seeking warmth inside. Remember that these products are poisons and can also harm our pets! Use pesticides with extreme caution.


Snakes are a special problem this time of year. They’re preparing to hibernate for the winter, and are extra active—and grumpy—as a result. An unsuspecting pet may come across one and suffer a painful bite. Ask your veterinarian about venomous and non-venomous snakes in your area, and never let your pet explore thick underbrush or wooded areas alone.

Portable Heaters

If you set up portable heating devices around your home to keep the autumn chill at bay, don’t let your pet get too close. Pets can easily burn themselves on these items when they lie too close for a long period of time.

Would you like more autumn safety tips to keep your pet from harm? Call your veterinarians Columbia, MD for help.