Keeping Pets Safe on the Beach

Do you plan on bringing your animal companion to the beach in the near future? Beach day can be a lot of fun for your family and pet, but be sure to follow a few general safety tips. Learn more here from a vet in Greenville, SC.


Rule number one for pets on the beach: keep them well-hydrated to protect against dehydration and heatstroke. This means bringing along a thermos of fresh, cool water just for your pet and providing shade in the form of a beach umbrella. Try bringing your pet to the beach during the cooler morning or evening hours.

Swimming Safety

If your pet is going to go swimming, go in with them to provide support. Even dogs who are strong swimmers may not be used to ocean currents! If necessary, provide your pet with a flotation device to make swimming easier.

Rinse the Coat

When beach day is over, be sure to rinse out your pet’s coat. Leaving sand and salty water in the coat will dry out and irritate the skin.

Would you like more safety tips for taking your pet on the beach? Contact your veterinarian Greenville, SC a call for further advice.