Making Senior Pets More Comfortable

If your cat or dog is getting along in years, they need your help now more than ever to remain comfortable and happy. Use these tips from a Lansing, MI veterinarian to keep your aging pet feeling great:


What older pet doesn’t love to sleep? It’s a safe bet that the majority of your pet’s time will be spent relaxing. Be sure to provide them with multiple napping spots around the house, all easily accessible and outfitted with warm blankets. Your pet will thank you!

Senior Diet

Your elderly companion’s nutritional needs are quite different now than when he or she was young. All senior pets need to be eating a specially formulated diet, made specifically for their advanced age. Combined with light exercise, your pet will stay healthy for as long as possible! Ask your vet to recommend a great diet choice for your dog or cat.

Veterinary Visits

Now more than ever, it’s important that your veterinarian examine your pet regularly. This way, any concerns can be caught early on and treated appropriately before your pet’s health can get any worse.

Does your aging pet need an examination? Set up an appointment with your animal hospital Lansing, MI.