Sun Protection Tips for Your Dog

When it’s hot and sunny outdoors, the risk to our canine companions increases dramatically. After all, they’re wearing a fur coat that they can’t take off! Use these tips from an Aurora, CO vet to keep Fido safe in the sun:

Limit Outdoor Time

Rule number one for safety during the hot summer months: don’t leave your dog outdoors for too long. It’s only risking deadly dehydration, heatstroke, and sunstroke. Instead, allow your dog back indoors frequently, where it’s cool and air-conditioned.


Did you know that dogs can get sunburnt, too? It’s particularly likely to happen on areas of exposed skin like that of the nose tip and ear edges. Pick up a canine-formulated sunscreen at your local pet supply store; ask your vet for a recommendation.

Hydration and Shade

Whether your dog is spending time indoors or out this summer, provide a dish of cool, fresh water for him to drink from at all times. When he is outdoors, ensure there is a shaded area for him to relax under. These are the best ways to avoid dehydration and heatstroke!

For more summertime safety tips for dogs, contact your veterinary clinic Aurora, CO office. We are here to help!