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Why You Need to Have Your Pet Spayed or Neutered

Just about any veterinarian will advocate that you have your animal companion spayed or neutered—it’s one of the best things you can do for them! Here, learn about the many benefits of the procedure from a London, ON vet:

Medical Benefits

The risk of genital cancers is eliminated in pets who have been spayed or neutered, and the chance of other cancers—breast, prostate, etc.—is greatly reduced. Even common problems, such as urinary tract infections, are far less likely to occur in pets who have been spayed or neutered.

Behavioral Benefits

Pets who remain intact are much more likely to exhibit undesirable behaviors like aggression, house soiling, urine spraying, chewing, scratching, digging, loud vocalization, whining, escape attempts, and more. Avoid many of these hassles by having your pet spayed or neutered early in life.

The Greater Good

Of course, there is a greater good when it comes to having your pet spayed or neutered. It eliminates the chance of unrestricted breeding; in this way, you’re helping to control the homeless pet population! By not having your pet fixed, you’re only contributing to the problem.

Does your pet need spayed or neutered? Call your animal hospital London, ON today.