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Cleaning Your Pocket Pet’s Enclosure

It’s important to keep your pocket pet’s cage clean so that he or she has a clean, sanitized environment to live in. Do just that with these easy steps from a North Phoenix, AZ veterinary professional:

Wash Accessories

First, move your pocket pet to a back-up cage for the duration of cleaning time. Then, take out all of your pet’s accessories—food and water dishes, toys, exercise wheels, etc.—and wash them with soap and hot water. Set these items aside to air dry.

Clean the Cage

Now, remove any bedding material present in your pet’s cage. Set about cleaning the floors and walls of your pet’s cage with hot water, soap, and a sponge. Try using a putty knife or even a razor blade to work out tough spots of grime.

Dry and Replace

Next, dry out your pet’s cage with a soft towel, or use a hair dryer to speed things along. Put in fresh bedding and put all of your pet’s accessory items back into the cage. Now, you’re ready to re-introduce your pocket pet to their sparkling home!

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