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Dog Dental Care Tips

Have you taken a look at your dog’s pearly whites lately? Dental care is very important for our canine companions, but often overlooked. Here, your vet Tampa, FL offers a few tips for keeping your dog’s mouth in great shape.

Chew Toys

Chew toys provide your dog with hours and hours of fun, but they’re also great for dental health. That’s because they give your dog’s teeth and gums a great workout, and they help scrape away loose plaque that could eventually harden into tartar.


Brushing your dog’s teeth at home—all you’ll need is a pet toothbrush and a canine-formulated toothpaste—is a great way to keep the teeth and gums healthy, and keep the breath smelling fresh. Ask your vet for help getting started with brushing sessions.

Professional Cleanings

There’s nothing like a professional dental cleaning for your dog’s oral health. This gets at all the nooks and crannies in Fido’s mouth that brushing can’t! If your dog is overdue for a dental cleaning procedure, call the vet’s office today to make an appointment.

Need help with your dog’s dental care routine? We’re always here to help. Call your animal hospital Tampa, FL today to learn more.