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The Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

Grooming your dog is about much more than simple looks—although it’s great for that, too! Learn about the various benefits of regular grooming from your Westlake Village, CA veterinary professional:

Skin and Fur Health

Brushing your dog on a regular basis helps to spread essential skin oils throughout the coat, keeping the skin and fur healthier. It also removes tangles and mats by smoothing the hair. The occasional bath—using a canine-formulated shampoo, of course—is also helpful for keeping your pooch’s coat and the underlying skin free from grime.

Reduced Shedding

The skin oils that brushing spreads through your dog’s fur have an added benefit; by moisturizing the hair naturally, shedding is reduced. You’ll be amazed at what regular brushing can do to minimize the amount of hair on your furniture and carpets!

Quality Bonding Time

Don’t forget about an additional benefit of grooming: it provides great bonding time between you your canine companion. Strengthen that relationship with regular care! Many dogs even come to look forward to daily brushing sessions for the bonding time it affords.

Would you like a recommendation on a pet brush or a dog-formulated shampoo? Give your animal hospital westlake village, CA a call.