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Placing Your Cat’s Litter Box Effectively

Have you recently added a cat to your household? Are you thinking of adopting one soon? Where you put the litter box is very important! Follow these guidelines as discussed by your Frisco, TX veterinarian:

Quiet Zone

Much like you, your cat doesn’t want to do her business in a crowded, noisy area. Place the litter box in an out-of-the-way area where your pet won’t be disturbed while using it. In most homes, a quiet bathroom or laundry room works well.

Easy Access

Make sure your cat has easy access to her box at all times, including when you’re not home. It’s very easy for screen doors and other obstacles to block Fluffy’s path. If this happens, she’ll be forced to eliminate elsewhere, and you’ll have a mess to clean up!

Away From Food

Don’t place your cat’s food and water dishes near the litter box. Cats don’t like to eat near their bathroom! Some of our feline friends have been known to shun the litter box, or stop eating altogether, if the two are placed too close together.

Want more great advice on your cat’s bathroom needs? Call your vet clinic Frisco, TX today to set up an appointment.