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Removing a Tick From Your Dog’s Skin

Summertime is prime tick season. Are you prepared if a tick bites your canine companion? Learn the basics of tick removal in this article from your Frisco, TX veterinarian.


You’ll need tweezers, rubbing alcohol along with a jar filled with a bit of the rubbing alcohol, a gauze pad, and a pair of latex gloves to protect your hands. When you’re ready to remove the tick, sit down with your dog in a quiet, well-lit area to begin.


Put on your gloves, then douse the bite area with a bit of rubbing alcohol. Grasp the tick with your tweezers, close to the mouthparts, and pull straight out with an even pressure. Don’t twist or jerk the tick, as this could cause the mouthparts to remain lodged in your dog’s skin. When you have the tick, drop it into the jar of rubbing alcohol to kill it.


Wet a gauze pad with more rubbing alcohol and rub this gently over the bite area to disinfect it. Wash your tweezers with the alcohol once you’re done.

Keep an eye on the bite area over the next few weeks, and let your vet clinic Frisco, TX know if anything looks amiss.

Helping Your Pet to Lose Weight

Nearly 50% of all domesticated cats and dogs are overweight; does your pet fall into that category? If your animal friend could stand to shed a few pounds, it’s time to act. Here, your Frisco, TX vet tells you what to do:

See Your Vet

Before taking any action, set up an appointment to see your veterinarian. Your pet will need a controlled weight-loss plan; in fact, it can be detrimental for a pet to lose a lot of weight all at once! Your vet will help you determine how to best proceed.


A key step in your pet’s weight-loss plan is their diet. It’s possible that you’ll be able to feed your pet their normal diet, but simply in proper portion sizes; this is because overfeeding is one of the leading causes of pet obesity. In some cases, though, you may need to switch the food your pet is eating completely. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.


Exercise is an essential part of your pet’s weight-loss program. Have your pet exercise daily via walks and playtime, and ask your vet for advice on the best exercise methods.

Call your Vet Frisco, TX for more weight-loss advice.