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Staying On Top of Your Dog’s Dental Health

Dental health issues are quite common among our canine friends. It’s up to you to keep Fido’s pearly whites in tip-top shape and stave off dental problems like gingivitis and gum disease. Your vet Las Vegas, NV offers a few tips below:

Chew Toys                                

Chew toys provide your dog with hours of fun, but they’re also very helpful for dental health. Toys give the teeth and gums a healthy workout, and they help to scrape away much of the loose plaque on your dog’s outer tooth surfaces, removing it before it can harden into tartar.


Brush your dog’s teeth regularly. It gets rid of excess food particles, bacteria, and loose plaque. It also helps freshen your pooch’s breath! Pick up a canine-formulated toothpaste and a pet toothbrush at your local pet supply shop to get started, and ask your veterinarian if you need help.

Veterinary Cleanings

There’s nothing like a thorough dental cleaning at the vet’s office. If your dog is due for a professional cleaning, it’s time to act. Set up an appointment today!

For more information on your dog’s dental care needs, or to make your dog’s next office appointment, call your veterinary clinic Las Vegas, NV.