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How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

That’s right, you can brush your dog’s teeth at home! It’s a great way to keep Fido’s mouth healthy in between visits to the vet’s office. Your Olathe, KS veterinarian goes over the basics below.

Gather Your Supplies

First things first—gather together everything you’ll need. To brush your dog’s teeth, you’ll want to have a canine toothpaste, a specialized pet toothbrush, and a few treats. When you’re ready, sit down with your dog in a quiet, well-lit area to begin.

Acclimate Fido to Brushing

Before using the brush, simply dab a bit of the paste on your finger. Now, allow your dog to smell and taste it. Work your way up to massaging the gums and teeth with your finger. This acclimates your pooch to the sensation of brushing.

Brush and Reward

When Fido is ready, gently scrub his outer tooth surfaces with the paste and brush. Take frequent breaks; only brush one tooth at a time if necessary. Try to finish off each tooth with a final downward stroke to remove plaque.

Do you need help brushing your dog’s teeth? Want a recommendation on a good canine toothpaste? Contact your Vet Olathe, KS a call for help.

Exercising Your Indoor Cat

A cat who is allowed to lounge around all day every day isn’t getting the proper exercise. Obesity may set in as a result, leading to other serious health problems. Here, your Olathe, KS vet offers a few easy ways to get your indoor cat the exercise she needs.


Good old-fashioned cat toys are one of the best ways to get your cat moving. Pick up wand toys or fake mice and bird toys at your local pet supply shop; most cats will enjoy playing with these types of items. You can also try sprinkling a bit of catnip on your feline friend’s toys to entice her to play.

Laser Light

Laser lights work wonders for getting your cat exercise; your feline friend may love darting around after that pesky light for hours on end! Just make sure you don’t shine the light directly in your cat’s eyes, as the laser could cause retinal damage.

Cat Tower

A cat tower is a good way to get your cat moving all by herself. These structures provide high vantage points that cats love. Many towers even come with scratching posts and playthings built-in!

Ask your vet Olathe, KS for further advice.