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Your Guinea Pig’s Care Needs

Are you interested in adopting a guinea pig? It’s important to learn as much as you can about their care needs before bringing home your new furball. Your Riverside County, CA veterinarian tells you about the basics of guinea pig care below:


Guinea pigs need a steady supply of timothy hay, as well as a commercially available pellet diet. In addition, their diet must be supplemented on a daily basis with fresh fruits and vegetables. Apples (with the seeds and core removed), zucchini, carrots, lettuce, and cucumbers are good choices.


Make sure your guinea pig has a solid-bottomed cage to hold his wood-shaving bedding material (these shavings will need to be scooped out and replaced every few days). The cage should be large enough to house hiding huts, food dishes, and toys.

Handling and Socialization

Many guinea pigs are naturally skittish; be patient, because it may take some time for your new pet to warm up to you. Try handling your pig gently on a daily basis to get him used to human contact, and ask your vet for further advice on socializing your pet.

Does your guinea pig need an appointment? Call your vet Riverside County, CA.