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Banishing Pet Smells from Your Home

If your home is beginning to smell a little too much like your animal companion, it’s time to act! Use these tips from a vet in Olathe, KS to get rid of pesky pet odors in your living space.

Odor Neutralizers

Air fresheners simply mask over smells, correcting the problem for a time but ultimately allowing odors to return. Odor neutralizer products, though, provide a deep clean that will stick. Browse the selection of pet-specific odor control products at your local pet shop, and ask your vet for a recommendation.

Check the Hot Spots

If you have a cat, clean out the litter box regularly—otherwise, you’ll have an odor problem on your hands. For dog owners, it’s a good idea to wash bedding material on a weekly basis to keep odors at a minimum.

Groom Your Pet

You’ll be amazed at what regular grooming can do to keep your pet smelling their best. Brush Fido or Fluffy regularly; this not only traps loose fur in the brush and keeps it from falling all over your home, it spreads skin oils through the fur to keep it healthy.

Want help grooming your animal companion? Call your veterinarian Olathe, KS today.