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Trick Your Pooch Into Taking His Pill

Does your pet need to take medication in pill form? It can be a difficult task! Use these tips from a Portland, OR vet to trick your canine companion into swallowing his pill.

Hide in Food

Try putting your dog’s pill into the center of a glob of wet dog food, the center of a soft dog treat, or inside a roll of deli meat. (First, check with your veterinarian to make sure the medication can be taken with food.) With luck, your pooch will inhale the morsel without even realizing there was a pill inside!


In some cases, you can crush or grind your dog’s pill and then sprinkle it over their food. Always ask your vet first, though—it’s possible you could render the medication ineffective, or introduce a dangerous overdose of medication to your dog’s system.

Tossing Trick

If your dog enjoys catching treats in mid-air, you’re in luck. Try tossing a treat or two to your dog, then the pill. Follow it up with another treat. With any luck, your dog won’t even know the difference!

Need help giving your pooch his pill medication? Talk to your veterinarian Portland, OR for help from the professionals.