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How to Exercise Your Indoor Cat

If you have an indoor cat, it’s important to make sure she gets the exercise she needs. It’s all too easy for our indoor feline friends to remain sedentary! Here, your Minnetonka, MN vet gives you a few tips.


Toys are always a great way to get your cat moving. Purchase safe toys from your local pet store or retail outlet, and let your cat go wild. Most cats enjoy toys that mimic prey animals, like fake mice or birds. Even a simple string dangling in front of their face will work, though!

Cat Furniture

Does your cat have a cat tower? These structures are great for exercising your cat, and they allow her to exercise even when you’re not around. Cat towers have multiple tiers to allow your pet to climb and survey her territory from a high vantage point. Many even come with built-in toys and scratching posts!


Try sprinkling catnip on your cat’s toys or tower. Many cats become euphoric when exposed to catnip, and they may run around excitedly or rub their faces in the catnip. They’ll get a good workout in the process!

Get more exercise tips by calling your Veterinarians Minnetonka, MN.