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Giving Fido a Pill

Do you own a dog? It’s a safe bet you’ll have to give them a pill at one time or another. Try these tricks from a London, ON vet:


It’s often easiest to hide your dog’s medication in a glob of wet dog food, or inside the center of a soft dog treat. You can also wrap it up in a small bit of deli meat or cheese. With luck, your pooch will gobble it up without ever realizing he took medicine!


Sometimes, you can crush or grind a pill in order to sprinkle it over your dog’s food or stir it into his meals. Always ask your veterinary professional beforehand, though, as crushing some pills can render them ineffective or even introduce a dangerous overdose of medication to your dog.

Manual Administration

If the above methods don’t work, you’ll have to give Fido his pill manually. Pry open his jaws with one hand, then drop the pill into the mouth with the other. Hold the jaws shut and gently massage the throat in a downward motion to stimulate swallowing.

Need help giving your dog his pill medication? We’re here for you! Contact your veterinary clinic London, ON.