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Paw Care Tips for Your Dog

Your dog’s paws are his main form of contact with the world—they’re some of his most important body parts! Keep Fido’s feet healthy with these three tips from a Sugar Land, TX veterinarian.

Regular Nail Trims

Nail trims are a key part of good paw care. If your dog’s nails are allowed to become too long, they can split painfully, snap in carpets, and even cause your dog trouble while walking. Trim the nails with a canine-specific clipper, or have your veterinary professional take care of it for you.

Paw Exams

Sit down with your pooch about once a week or so. Examine each paw carefully—look for any objects stuck between the toes or any obvious injuries. Let your veterinarian know right away if you find something amiss.

Paw Pad Care

Your dog’s paw pads can become scorched during hot weather if they linger on hot asphalt or concrete. Avoid these surfaces when possible, choosing to walk in the cool grass instead. Also make sure that no sharp objects—bits of metal or glass, sharp pebbles, etc.—get lodged in the paw pads.

For more dog paw care tips, contact your veterinary clinic Sugar Land, TX. We’re here for you!