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Removing Dog Odors from Your Home

Our dogs are lovely creatures. With that being said, sometimes they can leave our homes smelling like… well, dog! Here, your Westside, IN veterinarian gives you a few tips for removing dog odors from the home.

Odor Neutralizer Products

Air fresheners mask smells for a time, but they don’t offer a permanent fix. Odor neutralizer products, though, combat the enzymes that cause odors at the source. Browse the selection at your local pet supply store—there are products for removing urine and fecal matter odors, vomit, stains, and just about everything in between!

Odor Hotspots

For dog owners, your pet’s bed is usually an odor hotspot. Make sure to toss Fido’s bed and blankets into the washing machine on a regular basis. Consider sprinkling it with baking soda, allowing the powder to soak up remnant odors for a few hours, then vacuuming it off and returning the bed to your dog.


You’ll be amazed at what regular grooming can do for combating pet odors. Brush your dog daily—it’ll keep odors to a minimum and reduce shedding. When bathing Fido to keep things smelling fresh, use a canine-formulated shampoo.

Need more odor-control tips? Contact your Vets Westside, IN.