Taking Good Care of Fido’s Paws

It’s easy to overlook your dog’s feet when it comes to their overall healthcare. Your dog’s paws are very important, though! Keep them healthy with these tips from a vet in Livonia, MI:

Nail Trims

If you allow your pooch’s nails to become too long and sharp, they can split painfully or get snagged in carpets and rugs. Trim them regularly with a canine-specific clipper, or call your vet’s office to have the professionals take care of it. Your dog will thank you!

Paw Checks

Sit down with your dog every week or so to give each paw a thorough once-over. Check between the toes, as it’s very easy for small objects like burrs or pebbles to get lodged there. Items can also embed themselves in the paw pads—if you can’t remove an object easily, call your veterinarian.

Paw Pad Health

Don’t allow your dog to linger on hot surfaces like asphalt during the summers, as the pads can be burned and blistered. During cold weather, do your best to avoid ice and chilly metal surfaces.

Want help with your dog’s healthcare or behavior? We’re here to assist with all of your pet-care needs. Call your vets Livonia, MI.