Taking Your Dog to the Beach

It sure can be a lot of fun to include your canine companion in a family beach day. Just make sure he stays safe and sound! Use these tips from an Aurora, CO veterinarian to do just that.

Check Beach Rules

Before leaving home, check the beach rules to make sure you’re allowed to bring your pooch along. Not all beaches allow animals; even those that do may have designated areas or specific regulations for bringing them along. Also be sure to bring along several plastic baggies to pick up after Fido.

Protect Against Heat and Sun

Bring along a thermos of cool, fresh water for your dog to drink from. Ocean water will only dry out his mouth and throat, and could even make him sick! You may also consider applying a canine-formulated sunscreen to areas of exposed skin, like that on the nose tip or ear edges.

Rinse Out Coat

Once your beach day is over, make sure to rinse out your dog’s coat thoroughly with fresh water. You don’t want to leave sand or ocean salt in the coat, as it could irritate your dog’s skin.

Talk to your veterinarians Aurora, CO for more beach safety tips.